Richard Crenna, as Walter Denton

Walter Dennon played by Richard Crenna
Walter Denton, played by Richard Crenna, often drove Miss Brooks to school in his old clunker.  It was a running gag that Miss Brooks' car was always broken and in the shop.  It also helped that Miss Brooks was Walter's favorite teacher and he was her favorite student.  Walter was a well-meaning but clumsy kid.  His trademark was his high, squeaky and often cracking voice.  

Richard Crenna was a radio veteran by the time he appeared on Our Miss Brooks. He appeared on The Great Gildersleeve, Burns and Allen, The Hardy Family and more. While he was working on radio, he finished high school and earned an English degree at the University of Southern California.  Acting came to him almost by accident.  He signed up for drama classes in junior high because there were girls there and he figured he could goof off.

By the time he appeared in Our Miss Brooks, Crenna was in his twenties.  He almost turned down the opportunity to appear in the television version of the show but was swayed by Eve Arden and her loyalty.  After Our Miss Brooks ended, Crenna went on to star in movies and several television series, both comedies and dramas, as well as direct.

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